Trouble Free


We Serve professionally, and then the difficulties, in the field of Costumer Service will be free of trouble soon, optimal service for customer satisfaction by:


a. Manpower to be employed through the selective recruitment according to the requirements set by the User.

b. On time delivery

c. Substitute the employee at any time when they are not complied wiyh the conditions set

d. Management fee is very competitive

e. Able to settle the labour matter correctly and accurately

f. Subject to the applicable regulations

g. Any Complain is welcome and setted immediately


Professional :


As a bonafide company in its field, the compani\y is supported by the legal documents and up to date facilities :

1. Notarial Deed : No. 5 of March 5, 1993

Notary : Mrs. Eveline Surtahudjaja Konig, SH

Amendment : No. 63 of June 20, 2005

Notary : H. Rizul Sudarmadi, SH


2. Licenses :

a. Business License No : 01556/13-1.824.54.

b. Domicile : 88/1.824/511

c. Manpower Social Insurance : No. JJ040784

d. Manpower Compulsory Report : 09/054/JT

e. Manpower Supply Operational License

f. Tax Payer Registration Number


3. Training Centre :

  1. Confortable Room
  2. Professional and experience Instructors
  3. Equipped by : Infocus, UHP, TV, VCD and other equipments

4. Hospital :

In cooperation with Hospital around Pulogadung Industrial Estate either to serve the work accident or Medical Check-up for employee/trainee


5. Bank :

Employee wage/salary is transferred through Bank CIMB NIAGA and MANDIRI


6. Communication devices :


To make the communication easy, please contact by the following :

E-mail : hrd_dept@kbp.co.id


Fax : 021 – 86612364

Phone : 021 – 86612363, 86612364, 86613410




Handling labour/employee in the company is not the simple problem, therefore when we don not care carefully, it will cause the complex problem. Therefore we do the following activities :


1. To recruit the manpower accourding to the demand

2. To held one day training

3. To place the manpower

4. To make the employment contrac

5. To pay the wages through the Banks

6. To maintenance/to evaluate

7. To extend the contract when still needed

8. To terminate the employement to the company when the contract expire.

Practically in operation, we provide the following services, namely :




For employment Placement, we provide the choices to our customer :


a. Contract Employee

Those employees will work according to the agreed contract for maximum 3 years and will receive montly salary

The advantage of this system, the company can employ the workers with longer period and will result a better output since the workers are already skillful. The company which has fluactuative production is better to use this system


b. Daily Worker


The workers will work according to the period agreed for maximum 3 months and will receive weekly wages. This system is commonly applied in the company which has unfixed continuity production


c. Bulk Employee


The workers will work and receive the salary based on their achievement, not bind to the time, like point a or b.

The advantage of this system the company just pay accourding the out put, usually this system is applied on certain product and must be completed in certain period of time (example: product banded, installation of promotion label, etc)


2. NON-EMPLOYMENT SERVICE (For Industry and Offices)

a. Laundry

b. Cleaning Services

c. Security





2 thoughts on “PROFIL COMPANY

  1. mohon info.. bagaimana saya mengurus surat pengalaman kerja di PT.Kreasi Boga Primatama, th 2000. trims

    Posted by Al Musyanto | July 4, 2011, 10:20 am
  2. dimohon infonya.. bagaimana agar saya bisa melamar di PT. Cedefindo? tolong infonya. terima kasih..

    Posted by melawati | May 29, 2012, 4:08 pm

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